July 12, 2013

Build a Head up Display speedometer for your car dashboard

 If you've been eyeing off the new VF-series Holden and its HUD, but can't justify the new car price tag - instead with a little work you can have your own HUD speedometer by following the work of Bill Wong. This is certainly a creative application for an Arduino and we're surprised someone hasn't done it sooner. Bill uses an Arduino and CAN-bus shield to get the speed data, which is then displayed on a multiple digit 7-segment LED module. 

However it doesn't stop there. By mounting some teleprompter glass onto the windscreen with suction cups, the LEDs can be reflected off this and thus visible to the driver without looking down - as demonstrated in the following video:

Kudos to Bill for his idea and bringing it to life. With all sorts of data available for capture with an Arduino the display could be extended in many forms. However please be careful when driving and testing such a project! Moving forward, all the details can be found on Bill's interesting website. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

When adding external circuitry such as the HUD display circuit described above to your project, and need to make it more permanent than using a solderless breadboard - consider our range of ProtoShields. From the tiny LeoStick to the Mega range, we offer a complete range for you to work with.

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