June 13, 2013

Cracking combination locks with Arduino

 For an interesting challenge and also to find out combinations for rotary locks, reddit user "gurtdotcom" created a fascinating Arduino-based device that holds a combination lock, rotates the dial and after a ... process of elimination can tell you what the combination is via an LCD. The device uses a stepper motor mounted over the lock to rotate the dial, and a solenoid to test if the combination has been successful. The following video shows the final moment of success:

When your projects outgrow the normal Arduino-compatible boards, running out of program and flash memory space, or you're stacking on Ethernet and microSD shields, or all at once - it's time to upgrade to the Freetronics EtherMega:

That's awesome, and you can find out more in the reddit post. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

Quite simple the EtherMega is the fully-loaded Arduino-compatible board on the market today. Apart from being completely Arduino Mega2560-compatible, it includes full Ethernet interface, a microSD card socket, full USB interface, optional Power-over-Ethernet support and still has a circuit prototyping area with extra I2C interface pins. So if your project is breaking the limits, upgrade to the EtherMega today. 

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