May 21, 2013

Hand-made 8x8 LED matrix with Arduino

 Enthusiast Ben Martin has demonstrated his hand-made LED matrix, and explains how it is controlled via Arduino - and in this case with out Freetronics LeoStick board. Controlling the 64 LEDs isn't as hard as first imagined, as using 74HC595 shift registers and ULN2003s can take care of the row and column controls. Although making the matrix yourself may seem like an exercise in tenacious soldering, it's an interesting prototype for wearable electronics projects or embedding in artistic displays:

For more details, visit Ben's interesting website. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

So what's the LeoStick all about? It's the Arduino Leonardo-compatible board that's cheaper and smaller than the original:

 Apart from being one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles on the market with USB, it also has an onboard RGB LED and piezo which can be used a knock sensor and various tune and sound effects. Plus you can add extra circuitry with the matching protostick! For more information and to order, click here.    

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