April 19, 2013

The Freetronics Protoype "Sneak Peek"

 We've been working hard on a range of additions to our product line, and in the following video by Freetronics co-founder Jonathan Oxer you can see the production samples and also learn some interesting tips relating to the process of prototyping to production manufacturing. Jonathan gives a quick look at five of our upcoming products - the USB LiPo battery charger; the USB Boost - a handy board that takes 1.2V to 4.5V in, and gives you a nicely regulated 5V out at up to 500mA; a USB to serial adaptor; our new USBasp ICSP programmer, and something we're really excited about - the new OLED module

We look forward to having these products available in the near future - so stay tuned via twitter and Google+, to be notified of release dates, other Freetronics news and other items of interest. 

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