October 19, 2012

Motorised large POV Display with Arduino

Making a persistence-of-vision display with an Arduino brain is quite popular, however they generally involve the user waving the device about or fitting it to a bicycle wheel. Carlito has taken this one step further by re-purposing all sorts of things to create a motorised version which could be attached to a vertical surface. It only has six LEDs, yet still creates interesting effects. 

Furthermore he has explained the design and sketch so you can recreate your own. For more information, Arduino sketch and notes visit the project pages here. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

When making your own POV or Arduino-based portable project and size is an issue, consider using the Freetronics LeoStick - the Arduino Leonardo-compatible board that's cheaper and smaller than the original:

 Apart from being one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles on the market with USB, it also has an onboard RGB LED and piezo which can be used a knock sensor and various tune and sound effects. Plus you can add extra circuitry with the matching protostick! For more information and to order, click here.

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