June 29, 2012

Create an Arduino-based LED Status Whiteboard

After watching several futuristic movies, Will Bradley decided to build his own device that allowed computer visualisation of various forms of data. He has turned this idea into a successful project using an Internet-connected Arduino board, a whiteboard and a lot of LEDs. As you know an Arduino can easily control LEDs based on various parameters, and therefore the whiteboard can be customised almost anything using the LEDs. For example:

The benefit of using a glass finish allows the use of whiteboard markers to caption each LED with the required notation. And then it can be changed when required with a damp rag and a new Arduino sketch. To get started with your own display board, consider our range of Arduino-compatible hardware including the Freetronics EtherMega - the Mega2560-compatible with microSD socket, onboard Ethernet and optional PoE:

For more information, inspiration, hardware design and the code - visit Will's site

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