June 28, 2012

DIY Canon Camera Panorama device

Attempting to shoot panoramic images can be difficult at best - even with a tripod it can be difficult to line up the exposures at the appropriate time. However Ethan Zonca solved this problem with the "Panobot", a modified tripod with a stepper motor, which is controlled by an Arduino board which also controls the shutter. Finally the Canon camera needs to be running the Canon Hack Dev Kit. However the efforts results in some great shots, for example:

Once outdoors or with a more interesting subject, the effects could be marvellous. To get started with your own panorama device, visit Ethan's website here. To get started with your own Arduino-related projects, consider the Freetronics Eleven - the Arduino Uno-compatible with onboard prototyping area and low-profile USB socket:

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