June 07, 2012

Arduino Home Automation Remote Control

One of our European customers has devised a very powerful remote control for his home automation system based on a Freetronics EtherMega board and a touch screen colour LCD. It is connected to an internal network and controls IP cameras, as well as mains outlets, the alarm system and other items around the property. Here is a short demonstration of the remote's user interface:

Although the system may seem complex, it is quite simple to implement. Controlling items such as mains outlets has been 'outsourced' by using wireless remote control outlet adaptors - keeping the constructor away from hazardous AC (and electrical licensing issues!). Once again projects such as these show what can be done with Arduino-compatible hardware, some imagination and existing inexpensive products already on the market. 

For more information about this automation project, visit the website. Furthermore, check out Superhouse - a window into the world of home automation using our Arduino-compatible equipment. 

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