June 06, 2012

Arduino-based Nixie tube Sudoku

 Although they are quite outdated in the 21st century, nixie tubes still hold a place in many technologists hearts and John Sarik also feels the same. This is quite apparent when watching the results of his huge nixie-tube display Sudoku game. Based on an Arduino board an an open-source nixie tube multiplexing board, John has created a true work of retro art:

Although building your own rendition of this wouldn't be cheap, it would be a load of fun. And not as difficult as you would think, as John offers all the design files and code for download from his site. An interesting extension to this project would be adding Ethernet to allow control via the internet - easily done with the new Teleduino system we reported on earlier and one of our Ethernet-enabled products such as the EtherTen:

 However for more information on the nixie-tube Sudoku, visit John's website

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