June 06, 2012

DIY Motor Racing simulation enhancements

Those of you interested in racing car driving simulators are always looking for ways to increase the "real-world" feel. Fergo has written about two interesting additions to his rig. First he found an inexpensive and fun way to add a shift-light indicator and engine data display with some display modules that link to his PC via an Arduino board and some C# code. For example:

The second item of interest is the wind simulator. The idea is to have a fan blow air into your face at a speed relative to the car that is being driven in the simulation. For example:

Fergo has made available all the necessary code and hardware details to help you make this possible for your own rig. These sorts of projects  lend themselves nicely to our range of Arduino-compatible hardware such as our range of prototyping shields:

However or more information on his racing simulator projects, check our Fergo's website.

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