June 02, 2012

Sending tweets with a Telegraph key and Morse Code

As a demonstration of designing for interface archaeology, Martin Kaltenbrunner used a vintage telegraph key used for sending morse code, and interfaced this with an Arduino board and Ethernet interface to create an automated solution to the problem of sending tweets via morse code, for example:

Then again, perahaps this wasn't a problem that was begging to be solved - however it does illustrate the ease of solving problems with the Arduino system, and also a fine example of Open Source design, as the project has been published including all design details for all to use and enjoy. 

This is also one of our motivations here at Freetronics, as we also release design documentation for our work. By using our EtherTen (as shown below)

or EtherMega boards (as shown below)

you could reproduce the tworse with less hardware and greater simplicity, or add our Ethernet shield to your existing Arduino board. For more information on Martin's "tworsekey", visit the design site here, and check out our range of Ethernet-enabled gear here today

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