May 15, 2012

New device: ProtoStick micro prototyping shield for the LeoStick

The Freetronics LeoStick is an amazing little Arduino-compatible board, and now we've made it even easier to build your own micro-sized projects on it with the introduction of the ProtoStick.

The ProtoStick provides 70 general-purpose plated-through holes for you to add your own parts to your LeoStick projects. It includes markings for the ICSP header as well, so you can choose to either use those holes for your own purpose or you can fit a female header to bring ICSP connections up to your project.

Because the board is so tiny we didn't want to waste space using an entire row of pads just for the header breakouts, so instead we put a tiny row of breakouts between the headers and the first row! That makes it easy for you to jumper across from any header to your circuit.

We'd love to hear about any projects you build using the ProtoStick, so make sure you jump on the Freetronics Forum and tell us about it!

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