October 09, 2011

New product: AM3X 3-axis accelerometer module

Freetronics started out its product range with shields related to the book "Practical Arduino", then rapidly expanded into Arduino-compatible boards, and now we're expanding again into a third stage of product development: a handy range of add-on modules to let you easily and quickly add sensors, actuators, sound, light, and other features to your projects. Over the next month we'll be releasing about a dozen new products, and the first one is here right now.

Meet the AM3X 3-axis accelerometer module:

It's hard to tell from that photo, but the module is tiny: it's just 22mm long by 15mm high. There's a lot of functionality packed in though, including independent X, Y, and Z axis outputs (easy to read using analog inputs on your Arduino!), a freefall (0g) output so your project can detect if it has been dropped, selectable +/-1.5g and +/-6g ranges, an onboard 3.3V voltage regulator, and 5V-compatible I/O lines so you don't need level shifters.

It's really easy to hook up, and we've included an example wiring diagram and sample source code on the AM3X Quickstart Guide so you can jump right in and start using it.

We'd love to hear what you build with the AM3X, so please submit comments or send us an email!

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