July 15, 2010

First photos: Ethernet Shield with Power-over-Ethernet support

I'm not going to waste time with words, let's get straight to the photos:

Yes folks, these are the first ever pictures of our brand new Ethernet shield with Power-over-Ethernet support. If you look just above the reset button on the top photo you'll see a little 4-pin header: that's the PoE header, which exposes the PoE pins from the Ethernet jack as well as the GND and VIN rails for the Arduino. By putting a couple of jumpers on that header you can feed anything from 7V to about 15V down the Ethernet cable and power your Arduino in a dirt-cheap way via the network. Or by plugging in a PoE Voltage Regulator board it can handle up to 35V. Finally, if you need to support full commercial 802.3af standards-compliant PoE we'll have a module for that soon too.

Combine this with our forthcoming 4-Channel PoE Midspan Injector and you'll be able to run an Arduino-based network of sensors or automation controllers with nothing but network cable.

And it even has some spare space as a prototyping area. How sweet is that?

Coming soon to a Freetronics reseller near you.

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