May 21, 2014

The "Colour Machine" - a device to teach RGB colours

As part of a museum exhibit, Ghidini Guerrini created a fascinating device based on the Arduino platform which is used to demonstrate how RGB colours are created. His "Colour Machine" uses three rotary encoders to allow participants to create and mix their own colour combinations, with the results being displayed using an RGB LED strip.

Furthermore the reverse is possible, where the machine displays a random colour and the user has to determine the amount of red, green and blue are used to reproduce the colour, and also other games are possible. It's a great way to demonstrate how the Arduino platform can be used for interactive educational exhibits, with the prototype being demonstrated in the following video:

Finally Ghidini has published all the hardware and software details, so visit his website to get started. And for more, we're on facebooktwitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

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