May 21, 2014

Build an open-source F/Stop timer

Photography enthusiasts who develop their own prints will always be looking for more precise and easier ways of finding success, and one tool to help with this quest is an F/Stop timer. Arduino and photography enthusiast William Brodie-Tyrrell has created his own version, and published complete details so you can make your own. In his own words:

This is an enlarger timer. It controls (through duration of exposure) how much light hits a piece of black and white photographic paper, thereby controlling how dark it gets. By expressing exposures in a log scale (stops, being log base 2), we can perform a lot of print manipulations such as dodging and burning, changing size, shifting the image by a fixed overall tone change, etc, just by performing simple addition/subtraction arithmetic. And of course the timer does all the arithmetic for you. It can also be used to make colour prints, but it will do no colour computations for you.

By providing not only the Arduino sketch, but also the design files to generate your own timer PCB you can have your own version that once completed is quite professional. A demonstration of the prototype is shown in the following video:

However you can see the final version and the required information from William's website. And for more, we're on facebooktwitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

If you're wanting to make your own Arduino Uno-compatible projects without the usual board, you'll need an ATmega328P MCUs with Arduino Uno bootloader:

This is the same Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller used in the official Arduino Uno, as well as our ElevenEtherTenUSBDroid, and other boards. Perfect for building your own Arduino-compatible project directly on a breadboard or on a custom PCB, or for replacing the MCU in an existing board. Comes with the Arduino Uno bootloader pre-installed. Better still, it even has a special label stuck on top with details of the pinout, so you don't even need to look up the datasheet when connecting it up in your project! For more information and to order, click here!

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