March 11, 2014

Hacking RC cars into drawing implements

Controlling inexpensive remote-control cars with an Arduino is quite simple and popular, you can do it in a few hours. However with a more intelligent form of control system - the car can be made to follow a set pattern, which lends itself to drawing or creating art where the car is the artists' brush (in board terms).

One great example of doing so has been demonstrated by Pierre Paslier - who turned an RC car into a flour dispenser. By doing so, the car can lay trails of flour and thus "draw" over large flat surfaces such as a town square - shown in the video below:

However you don't need to worry about getting it right the first time, as Pierre uses software to capture and play back keystrokes that control the car - and the flour hopper, thus giving the user an opportunity to practice before creating art or making a huge mess. Unless the mess is considered art. Either way, check out his Instructable page to learn how. And for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

Have you been reading about Arduino and would like to understand more so you can hack cars like the example above, but not sure where to start? Then order one of our Experimenter's Kit for Arduino: 

The package includes a wide variety of parts, sensors and modules including: a servo motor, lights, buttons, switches, sound, sensors, breadboard, wires and more. Furthermore a Freetronics Eleven Arduino-compatible board is included to make this an extensive hobby experimenter, inventor and starter kit. 

However we don't leave you alone to figure it all out, included is a great project and instruction booklet, plus access to a supporting web page and software examples. In other words - this is everything you need to get started for a fun range of electronics and Arduino related projects! So to get started or for more information and to order, check out the product page.

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