February 11, 2014

BACK IN STOCK - Freetronics KitTen Arduino-compatible kit

Due to popular demand we've organised another batch of our classic KitTen kit. This is an Arduino-compatible board supplied as a kit using through-hole parts for easy assembly. It may be easy to build, but it's still full-featured and high-performance.

If you compare it to typical Arduino-compatible kits you'll see that it doesn't scrimp on anything: in fact our design has more smoothing capacitors alone than the entire parts count of most other kits! It even includes a 3.3V regulator to allow it to use shields that require 3.3V, which is not something you see in typical kits.

And unlike other Arduino-compatibles, the KitTen has our unique prototyping area, a full 1A 5V regulator and LEDs that are visible from the edge of the board. It can interface with a PC for sketch uploading via an FTDI cable or USBserial adaptor, or upload code directly with our USBasp board.

For more information, links to our Getting Started guide and to order your own KitTen, visit the product page. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

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