December 19, 2013

Building motocross lap timers with Arduino

Motocross enthusiast and new Arduino forum enthusiast "calvingloster" wanted a better method to time his laps around a motocross track than having someone stand with a stopwatch, and after a great amount of self-education created a functional timing device that's simple and effective. By using a laser pointer and a photodiode, the motorcycle can be detected by the Arduino as it drives past.

To display the times, a custom-made LED display has been used which multiplexes the four digits - each of which are made up from individual LEDs. These can be easily controlled using higher power with the use of an N-MOSFET. Nevertheless the results of this project look great:

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calvin said:

Awesome to see this getting put on someone’s blog:) I have made many more improvements to the lap timer including logging times to a memory card, learning riders times to filter out false triggers, auto light level setup for the photo diode and much more.

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